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Nick joins the group as a new EPSRC funded postdoc

Qian Wen passes her DPhil viva, congratulations

James’s work with the Weller group on fluorobenzene rhodium complexes is online at Chem. Eur. J.

Terry’s work on sulfonyl fluoride substituted boronic acids is online at Tetrahedron in an issue dedicated to the achievements of Professor Stephen G. Davies

The Live Slides for Tony’s Ni-catalysis are available at ACS catalysis

Terry’s work on alkenyl sulfonyl fluorides, in collaboration with Scott Bagley at Pfizer, is online at Angewandte Chemie

The Willis Group is a synthetic organic chemistry research group, led by Professor Michael Willis, based in the Chemistry Research Building, Department of Chemistry, at the University of Oxford. We are part of Oxford’s CDT in Synthesis for Biology & Medicine.


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